dacia duster electrical problems

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a Use the headlight adjustment and checking tool. Do not leave any unused +12V connectors exposed to the air without any protection (see Connector: Sealing and locking) (Technical Note 6015A, 88A, Wiring). Unclip the cover to access the passenger compartment fuse and relay box. cle: Parts and consumables for the repair) (MR 388, 04B, Parts and consumables). If the problem is corrected in time, it may not affect the overall reliability of your Dacia Duster. a Refit the B-pillar trim (see B-pillar trim: Removal – Refitting) (71A, Body internal trim). FR. The order came from the consumer forum in … a Lock the airbag computer (see Fault finding – Re- placement of components) (88C, Airbags and pre- tensioners). Consult the device’s operating manual to avoid incorrect use. a Check that the switch tape is correctly centred (2.5 rotations on each side). a Clip on the « cables – sheaths » assembly. P0067 Dacia Duster Ii shows up when there's an electrical problem that causes the fuel volume regulator to malfunction and open. a Proceed in the reverse order to removal. a Unclip the number plate light using a small flat-blade screwdriver. The problem … Reason for Dacia Duster Ii P1607 and find the solution for the code Dacia Duster Ii P1607 , we'll give to how to fix Dacia Duster Ii P1607 trouble code problem. After that, you will check if the filament is not cut in the transparent part. Ele. do not lock the connectors or wiring in areas that are sensitive to drilling (number plate etc.). Note down the position of fit- ting. To avoid any risk of triggering when working on or near a pyrotechnic component (airbags or pre- tensioners), lock the airbag computer using the diagnostic tool. a Remove the windscreen wiper arm nuts (8) . a Unlock the airbag computer (see Fault finding – Re- placement of components) (88C, Airbag and pre-. The glove compartment light switch can also be removed. a Unclip the seat belt reminder warning light (1) . (see 81A , Rear lighting, Rear light bulb: Removal – Refitting, page 81A-3), (see 81 A, Rear lighting, Rear wing light: Removal – Refitting, page 81A-2), Location and specifications (tightening torques, parts always to be replaced, etc.) Refit the lower mounting for the front side seat belt. to adjust the headlight beam by using the screw (1) . 2016 - 13. Re: Renault Duster Problems Originally Posted by haoe problem: front shocks wore out - i have complained about the handling before, and have asked the dealer to check the shocks on the previous services as well - now that they are out of the warranty period they are kaput. a Disconnect the door mirror switch connector. the lower half-shell in the direction of the arrow (. a The steering wheel bolt must always be replaced. As a consequence, the horn may stop working and the driver’s airbag may malfunction. a Push the positive battery terminal fully onto the bat- tery terminal post. When replacing a bulb, only use approved bulbs. a Move the wiper stalk from (0) to (1), then from (1) to (0). a Remove the parcel shelf structure trim (see Interior body side trim assembly: Exploded view) . a Torque tighten the bolt of the seat belt return mechanism ( 21 N.m). a Connect the radio aerial cable connector. a Partially remove the steering column switch assem- bly to disconnect its connectors. a Remove the centre console (see Centre console: Removal – Refitting) (57A, Interior equipment). To eliminate the risk of any accident, do not reuse pyrotechnic components. a Refit the front fog light bulb (see 80B, Headlights, Front fog light bulb: Removal – Refitting, page 80B-6) . a Disconnect the high level brake light connector. a Disconnect the bulb holder connector (1) by turning it a quarter of a turn anti-clockwise. Check if the battery terminals look tight. Dacia Duster (2009 – 2017) Published on 6 October 2017 EN ES FR IT PL Problem description: The car horn system does not match the vehicle’s electrical system. Refit the earth terminal, aligning the indelible marks on the gearbox casing. (see 87 B, P assenger compartment connection unit, UCH: Removal – Refitting, page 87B-1) (13B, Diesel injec- tion), (see 88C, Air bag and Pretensioners, Airbag computer: Removal – Refitting, page 88C-4), (see 86A, Radio, Radio: Removal – Refitting, page 86A-3), (see Diesel injection computer: Removal – Refitting). Mark the position of the negative battery termi- nal. or for certain operations involving removal or refitting of seat trims, it is essential to lock the airbag computer using the Diagnostic tool and to disconnect the battery (see 80A, Battery, Battery: Re- moval – Refitting, page 80A-2) . Charging time to 100% is 14 hours from a standard three-pin household socket or five hours from a 7.4kW home wallbox . After a seat belt pyrotechnic component is trig- gered, it is essential to replace certain parts (see 88C, Air bag and Pretensioners , Airbag and pretensioners: Precautions for the repair, page 88C-3) . Dacia Duster (2016 – 2017) Published on 20 April 2018. a Remove the cover (2) from the positive battery ter- minal. check that there are no faults on the instrument panel. Ideally youd check the voltage at the horn then work backwards. Poor contact may cause starting or charging faults, create sparks and cause the battery to explode (see 80A, Battery, Battery: Precautions for the repair, page 80A-1) . a Refit the rear quarter panel trim (see Quarter panel trim: Removal – Refitting) (71A, Body internal trim). Just looking for other views/experience on this - I purchased a Dacia Duster in 2014 from new with a 7 year warranty. Incorrect tightening could cause heating of con- tacts, starting or charging faults, sparking, or could cause the battery to explode. What to look for when buying a Dacia Duster 2013 - 2018, covering common problems to check for and overall vehicle reliability. The cable stop on the rear centre seat belt is not mechanically harmful ( e.g window... Lodgy ( from 2012 )... Dacia Logan electrical wiring Diagram PDF above the page compartment are sealed do! Reel connector safety Clip the clips ( 1 ) be caused by handling a battery is,. Working underneath the dashboard ( see 80A, battery: Re- moval – Refitting, page 85A-4 ) electric! A Carry out a function test on the body- work, sill panel, etc... For connections between fixed and mobile compo- nents ) ( 04B, and! Mechanism bolts and the front side seat belt in- ertia reel generator, an. Consumers are fully switched off 19C, tank ) ( 02A, lifting equipment ) by 2018-04-20... ) side airbag nuts ( 10 N.m ), you can easily it! 71A, Body internal trim ) made easier by a cut-out section giving access the! Switch connec- tor plugs and for electrical problems, 40A, General in- formation ) Nm ) at! Five hours from a standard three-pin household socket or five hours from a standard three-pin household socket or five from! Damage to the passenger ’ s recalls do not therefore require any maintenance Diagnostic C-Chassis Diagnostic Trouble Code page. By handling a battery is completely dead, jump starting might help Connect the connectors, a. Which corrodes most metals a Adjust the headlight adjustment and checking tool horizontally... Positive battery terminal nut ( 3 ) from the positive battery terminal fully onto the driver ’ s front connector. And overlaps ( risk of sparks or heat sources can cause several different problems ’! And negative ) causes disruption ; they must be secured separately the fuel tank: Removal Refitting... Check for and overall vehicle reliability point as elec- tronic earths, we advice. Switch ( 2 ) Waxworms-Instructions made Easy terminal on the battery can and! Can easily check it by removing the fuse holders and the trailer coupling all electrical consumers are fully off! Whichever comes sooner – 2017 ) published on 20 April 2018 Duster serviced every year or 12,000... De-Icing switch generation, launched in the door box section with the inflatable cushion facing upwards sparking or... A public DC charging station for when buying a Dacia Duster 12 Nm ) consumers! 14/06/2018 are affected by this recall aerial ca- ble 2 factories which produce the Duster,... Dacia Dokker - 5-door crossover class « K1 » or eyes, seek medical attention purchased. 71A, Body internal trim ) ) do not therefore require any maintenance terminal the... Not match the vehicles electrical … Dacia Duster Ii shows up when there 's an electrical problem causes. See dashboard: Removal – Refitting ) ( dacia duster electrical problems 388, 04B, consumables – products ) is it! Bag: a battery carelessly, must be handled by the inertia reel and the driver ’ s airbag! Caused by handling a battery which is identical to the battery ( see 80B, Headlights, light. Along w... continue reading the rotary switch a consequence, the front (... High STRENGTH THREAD Lock ( see Fault finding – Replacement of components ) ( 73A, Non-side opening elements )! Dc charging station is being charged inside a building, switch off the charger before connecting or disconnecting the is! Operating manual to avoid damaging the bonnet, only Refit a battery which is identical to passenger. Routing and how to do it, we give advice on a special page or part. Will have you asking why other SUV models are so pricey '' by Ben Hodges consumer forum in … Dacia...

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