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On subsequent ARs I’ve used a non-pop-up rear sight. Fantastically low profile when in the "hidden" position. Magpul MBUS OD Green Polymer AR-15 Gen 2 Front Flip Up Sight. As further evidence of the anticipated popularity of the MBUS Pro sights, overseas counterfeiters launched their knock-off product line prior to Magpul’s actual shipping the sight to distributors. Thanks for the review. If all goes well, then the sights will never be needed. The lockup is great. Look Good – I think they’re a nice design and look slim and low profile when folded down and out of the way. Click here for the Magpul Mbus Gen 2 Front Sights from Brownells. Sharpshooters demanded more and started the revolution and development of iron sights. At the same instructor bootcamp one of the guys next to me said, “so you’re a big Mapul fan huh?” because I had the Magpul sights, and PMAG magazines, and a Magpul CTR stock and Magpul pistol grip on my AR-15 …. Another major design difference of the Pro sight over the polymer MBUS is that the rail clamp on the Pro can be attached without sliding the sight onto the rail as with the original design. The Magpul MBUS rifle sights are specifically made for the AR15/M4 weapon systems to provide iron-sight functionality that you can also fold away when not needed. Check great and honest reviews! — 261 reviews. They are relatively inexpensive for what they are. MBUS Pro Home As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Don't get me wrong. Most Helpful Positive Review Mbus pro flip sights Low profile, a lot smaller than the plastic mbus. As such the MBus Gen 2 Front and Rear Sights are no exception to the rule. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Magpul MBUS PRO Offset Steel Backup Sights, Rear Sight at 5. I like both very much. The primary advantage of offset iron sights over flip-up inline iron sights is that, well, you don’t have to flip them up or down to use the scope. Compared to the MBUS, the Pro’s windage knob is smaller but thicker, and definitely easier to turn. But when modern sporting rifles (or whatever silly name the AR15 is being force-rebranded as these days) irons became an deliberate option. But in the world of performance back up iron sights, the price of the MBUS Pros is similar or even less than other popular options. I can’t think of anything more you might want out of BUIS. I was thinking about buying the Diamondhead sights as they looked like I would be able to use their sight picture better but after reading your ‘test’ I will not wait for the expensive Diamondhead sights but rather purchase the Magpul sights. I just bought a RR 3-gun upper for my RR LAR-15 and I was in a complete quandry over what BUIS to buy. As an early adopter of the Pro sights, I got one of the right-leaning sights. The MBUS Front Sight is adjustable for elevation and fits most 1913 Picatinny-railed hand guards, but is specifically tailored to the AR15/M16 platform. Doc honed his survival skills through professional courses, training, and plenty of real-world situations, both intentional and not. The streamlined form of the Pro rear make for quick target acquisition and co-witnessing when needed (which is rare). The last set of BUIS was the Magpul MBUS. And if I have them flipped up, then I’m shooting with them so I don’t even look at them . Flip-up inline iron sights are another popular solution for this same problem. Let’s talk about the benefits of the polymer, spring-loaded design of these things: They’re lightweight – from what I can gather, they weigh 1.3 oz each (front and rear). Front Sight can be mounted on Railed Gas Block, Magpul MBUS Pro Iron Sights Review: Hands-On, Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Sights Review for 2020: Hands-On, The Magpul Bipod: Survival Gear Review for 2020, Benchmade Adamas Knife Review for 2020: Survival Gear Hands-On, Hydroviv Water Filter Review for 2020: Survival Gear Hands-On, 78 Things You Should Stock but Probably Aren’t in 2021, Find Nuclear Fallout Shelters Near Me: How to Find, Types of Shelters, Sig Sauer Romeo 5 vs Romeo 4 Scope: Head to Head Comparison for 2021, Arcturus Survival Blanket Review: Hands-On. As various weapons can have built in sights, fixed sights or mixed fixed and removable sights Magpul PTS offers MBUS and MBUS2 front and rear sights separately. Polymer versions come with steel crossbolt for reliable attachment to the Picatinny receiver rail. In 2009 Magpul released its first generation of MBUS polymer back up sights aptly named MBUS for Magpul Back Up Sight since iron was essentially absent from the design. Cosmetic damage was apparent, but the sight could still be operated normally. Further, should an issue arise, and the end of the world is still a few weeks away, Magpul, an American company making products in America, will stand behind these sights just as they do all their equipment. Point of impact shift was approximately 3 MOA. Democrats Hate This Member Of Congress Because She Won’t Be The…. Magpul is known for its highly durable, high-quality gun accessories. Your article couldn’t have come at a better time. Shop Magpul Industries MBUS Pro Flip Up Sights | Up to 23% Off 4.8 Star Rating on 77 Reviews for Magpul Industries MBUS Pro Flip Up Sights … Had to go with metal due to high temp on gas block melts polymers! Just how good are Magpul's rear Back-Up Sights (MBUS) and do you need to replace them or not on your AR-15? The polymer MBUS front sight had the anachronistic post height adjustment that carried with it the same need for a special tool that has haunted the design since it’s birth on the first M16A1 front sight. Painting your front sight post on the target is much easier when peeping through a small hole than lining up a row of pillars hoping the center one is the front one. We like the spring-driven flip up system. It’s a very nice sight – a word of caution, however – there is a remote possibility that a latched, spring-loaded sight can pop up under stress and damage the bottom of an expensive scope. Damage was purely cosmetic and the sight remained fully functional. Sale Magpul Mbus Sights Melting And Magpul Moe Akm Handguard Review PDF For those that have asked, these ARE real, 1st generation Magpul MBUS Pro sights. Not a fan of their ctr or moe stocks or grips. Backup iron sights, on the other hand, grew from the need for redundancy as optics sprouted up on the barrels and rails of military and hunting rifles. It’s been reported that a loose hold on a .308 or larger rifle using the rear MBUS Pro sights might allow the recoil to move the sight towards its stowed position, but I could never get anything like that to happen. Magpul PTS offers both MBUS and MBUS2 sights which share the same function but are a little different in design (which you can see in the photos). 4 Magpul MBUS Sight Set (Front & Rear) Gen 2. My opinion of the MBUS went from “cool airsoft gear bro” to “wow.””. Rail space was another concern. Manually raised aperture sights of the tang and ladder variety have been commonplace since the late 1800s. Normally this is not a problem since the sights are usually the bookends on the top rail, but drop-on placement is noticeably better. The Magpul MBUS Front Flip-Up Back Up Sight is a color injection molded Low Cost alternative for a back-up sight. Frankly, I don’t miss the MBUS spring, and actually prefer the simpler design because the sight won’t loudly snap to attention with an errant push. Magpul has a great reputation for quality, and their MBUS polymer “irons” are reasonably priced at $57.95 for the rear sight and $39.95 for the front sight.Both sights fold down if you’re using a red dot or scope, and they can be flipped back up with a simple push of a button. However if your hands are cold or wet, turning either knob is a real feat of finger strength. According to experts in the industry, "... the Covid-19 outbreak created the largest rush to purchase ammo in all of history. Read our Magpul Furniture Review (Click Here). The Gen2 MBUS sights arrived in 2011 further pushing the design and public acceptance of critical gun components made of polymer. However, as a reader of Survival Cache/SHTFBlog you are no doubt interested in outfitting your backup systems with the same care as your primary ones. He's a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo, NRA Certified Basic Pistol & Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor, Concealed Carry Academy Instructor certified & also a graduate of the Rangermaster firearms instructor course. I believe it was plastic … he said nothing about it being metal? Personally, I have no concerns in this area for two reasons. ⚠️ Due to a significant increase in daily orders, shipping may be delayed by 5-7 business days and orders placed at will no longer arrive by Christmas. Nothing is off limits and nothing is off the table. Great sight picture when in use--no haziness or obstruction of any kind. The MBUS was not huge by any measure, but other options did free up an extra rail slot. Prior to this test, I didn't think much of the MBUS; I now have a different opinion. So, You Think That Banning ‘High Capacity’ Magazines Will Help? Gear Review: Magpul MBUS Pro Iron Sights Iron sights have been with us ever since musket barrels were rifled. The Pro front sight employs the classic quarter-turn click of the sight post, but instead of requiring a pronged tool to grab the post from the top, a knurled knob sits below and perpendicular to the sight spinning it up or down. Magpul MBUS Pro Iron Sights Review In 2009 Magpul released its first generation of MBUS polymer since iron was basically absent from the layout backup sights aptly named MBUS for … I have always been impressed with Magpul and their products. Shop Magpul Industries MBUS Pro Offset Front Sight | Up to 18% Off 4.8 Star Rating on 44 Reviews for Magpul Industries MBUS Pro Offset Front Sight Best Rated + Free Shipping over $49. He is a civilian (no law enforcement or military experience) who shares information about self-defense and becoming more self-reliant. The only knock on the Magpul polymer I have is, my AR is an M&P-10 with railed gas block. But the real launch of the MBUS Pro was not without its own hiccups. And the Magpul Mbus Gen 2 sights are a pretty good price. The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. The big advanta… Does not have button for engaging sight but flips up manually fairly easy. Jan 5, 2011 | $1 - $100, American Made, Magpul, Product Review, Rail Attachments, Sights / Optics | 1 comment. Some of the early rear units sat a little askew on the rail favoring the right more than they should. Best price Hk Mr308 Magpul Prs Stock And Install Magpul Mbus Sights You can order Hk Mr308 Magpul Prs Stock And Install Magpul Mbus Sights after check, compare Point of impact shift was less than 1 MOA. Magpul MBUS Pro Sights Review. In isolation, the MSRP of a pair of MBUS Pro sights seems high since you could get a very nice survival knife for the same cost or less. I run the Mbus pros with a 512 Eotech and have never had issue. Caleb Lee is the #1 best-selling author of "Concealed Carry 101" and founder of In fact, you could get quite a few nice things for the pair of Benjamin Franklins you need to toss down for the pair of Pros. They’re slim profiled, lightweight, polymer, and look good. Add the stress of losing your primary targeting system and now having to play the game of “which sight post is not like the others” and you’ve got the makings for a missed shot. Sale Magpul Mbus Sights Zeroing And Magpul Moe Ar Stock Review cookbook flip it up), just press down on the ambidextrous lever with your thumb. The Pro requires the user to move the sight into its upright and lightly locked position much like its ancient ancestors. We ended the rifle day of training with a 300 point qualification rifle course from various distances from 25 yards all the way up close to CQB drills at 5 yards with the AR-15, from multiple fighting positions like prone, kneeling, standing, and shoot & move — all with time limits. Magpul MBUS front sight has adjustments for elevation and works on most 1913 picatinny rail Handguards but modeled mainly for AR-15/M16 Applications. Now, at first that might turn you off because your first thought is “that’s not going to be as strong as steel” but we’ll get to durability in a moment …. The second Magpul product on our list, the MBUS Gen 2 Sight set is made from polymer instead of aluminum or steel. Supply has been badly diminished, and bottlenecks in manufacturing and distribution will continue cause shortages for months yet to come." Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fast forward a few decades and an innovative and driven company introduced the concept of plastic to iron sights. If you searching to check on Magpul Mbus Sights Dont Fit On Picatinny And Magpul Metal Sights Review price. But still there was the melting issue. They’re Secure – they lock in tight with the included steel crossbolt to your rail. They are ultra slim and low profile. Coincidentally, some of the same complaints about plastic pieces on military guns echoed the concerns with the original Stoner M16 design when the US Air Force was the first to adopt it back in 1962. The MBUS Pro Flip Up Sights have been created to ensure you always have a reliable set of sights ready for use. This copyrighted material may not be republished without express permission. I have used the magpul sights and mags for ten years now. Parts are available to the public for self installation, but can also be installed by our highly trained gunsmiths. Economy size Magpul Mbus Pro Sights Fde And Magpul Mbus Sight Set Review Ebook pd Or you don’t want to spend a lot because you don’t know what you will like yet. Iron sights have been with us ever since muskets were rifled. 4:47. Then, Sig Sauer Has One For…, How to get better at shooting while moving (realistic self-defense training). Much more customer reviews tell that the Magpul Mbus Pro Offset Sights Review And Remington Model 870 Express Synthetic Pumpaction Slug Shotgun are good quality item and it is also reasonably priced. Magpul Industries MBUS Pro Flip Up Sights Review by Norman Turner - Last updated December 22, 2020 Whether shooting is your hobby, profession, or part of your prepping for a zombie apocalypse, we have a great product for you in our in-depth Magpul Industries MBUS Pro Flip Up Sights Review. Now, at first that might turn you off because your first thought is “ that’s not going to be as strong as steel ” but we’ll get to durability in a moment …. Stupid Things That People Say: Gun Rights Activists Hate Women! I can’t wait to get my hands on a set of the new Mbus LR sights. Welcome to the Magpul gun parts section of I’m building my first AR 15 and am looking for solid sights at the right price. Makes sense too! So if you have trouble racking the slide of any auto pistol larger than a .22, you will struggle to adjust these sights without gloves or pliers. I like them because they do the exact job that they are meant to do: They appear to be reliable, well thought out Backup Iron Sights (BUIS) that fold down nice and slim when not in use, are aesthetically pleasing, and they can take enough abuse that even if some catastrophic event caused your primary optic to go down — they would most likely survive and be ready for you to aim with. AL. None of the manufacturers will guarantee their product on railed gas blocks. Prior to this test, I didn't think much of the MBUS; I now have a different opinion. Results did not change, and the sight remained functional.”. If you don't see the item you are looking for, keep checking back, we are constantly expanding our inventory. That’s practically nothing. The Magpul MBus Gen 2 is made from high-quality polymer. Nonetheless, I hope this reviews about it Magpul Mbus Pro All Steel Ar 15 Back Up Iron Sights Review Hd And Rear Sights Sights At Brownells will become useful. You can invest Magpul Mbus Pro Offset Sights Review And Remington Model 870 Express Synthetic Pumpaction Slug Shotgun on-line shopping store. Democrats Hate This Member Of Congress Because She Won’t Be The Cowards They Are, NY Gov Cuomo’s New Target For His Gun Control Efforts. Magpul MBUS. Works perfectly with the fixed A2 front sight on my upper. Folds out of the way when not needed. © 2019, All Rights Reserved. But I do like the fact that if I punch the business end of my rifle into an immovable object or even thicket of branches, the sight will fold back rather than continue to fight with the obstacle. I’ve had one of the Magpuls as a rear BUIS for a number of years. The ammunition used was Remington Premier Match .300 AAC Blackout 125 gr OTM. But the 21st century aspects of the MBUS Pro are worth looking into, and will likely cause a reframing of BUIS designs in the future. Back up iron sights from Diamondhead, Magpul and Troy after being dropped on concrete. Or perhaps you want to do a budget build. With the MBUS Pro, all the parts are contained in a triangular housing while the Gen2 MBUS has protective extra wings that while not large, do slightly reduce some of the situational awareness while concentrating on your target because the sight is so close to your eye. When I recently got certified as a Concealed Carry Academy firearms instructor, during the rifle portion of the bootcamp, I ran my AR-15 with these Magpul sights only because I didn’t have an optic yet. The metal design of the MBUS Pro did raise the weight a little with the difference between the rear sight about the weight of a single .223 round, and the difference between fronts sights about half that. While the design of the MBUS was good enough, just being good enough was not good enough so Magpul released the MBUS Pro sight in 2013. AL. 69 product ratings. In other words, Magpul had generated quite a buzz for a common product that they did not yet sell and we were talking about it. Magpul MBUS Pro Iron Sights Review: Hands-On Fast forward a few decades and an innovative and driven company introduced the concept of plastic to iron sights. Longer range shots demanded more than a rough aiming, and thus began the revolution and evolution of iron sights. And to make it even MORE impressive, I found this on the author of that article’s private blog: “One thing I did not mention in the post which was sent to KitUp (due to word count limitations) was that after dropping the MBUS twice, I picked the rifle up, held it over my head like the maul I used to split seasons’ worth of firewood while growing up in Alaska, and swung it down on a concrete shooting table, with the MBUS taking all of the impact. In other words, if you do your job behind the rifle, these sights — once you get them zero’ed — are plenty accurate. Not one to take things lying down, Magpul has initiated a lawsuit against the counterfeiters and those who sell their wares (Read lawsuit). Recently I have had a chance to check out the Magpul Back-Up Sights also know as MBUS. Thanks! A minor but welcome difference when comparing the rear Pro to the polymer the lack of  peripheral obstruction to to the right and left of the peep hole. However, I recently came across a “drop test” performed by a guy named Andrew Tuohy from “Kitup” on Positive clicks for … The Magpul MBus Gen 2 Sight is manufactured by Magpul. Standard – Rear sight has standard AR-15 style aperature sighting system. Magpul MBUS Sights Review Conclusions… In the end, I think the Magpul MBUS sights are a fantastic choice for back up iron sights because they’re: Strong; Easy To Adjust; Give A Great Sight Picture; In addition to that, they come in at a reasonable price point, and in my opinion… The MBUS (Magpul® Back-Up Sight) is a low-cost, color injection molded, folding back-up sight. Compare that to the $200+ you might pay for some other brands (which we’ll talk about in a moment) and you’ll see they’re a good deal. Ok, so the big pink elephant in the room with the Magpul sights is that they’re made of polymer. Solid steel. Function over form and price to boot. There are two versions of Magpul sights, first is affordable and made of polymer. Click here for the Magpul Mbus Gen 2 Rear Sights from Brownells. I ran mine with both the EOTech and Aimpoint CompM3 and found them more functional than the polymer versions. And, when it comes to gear you can trust your life with, that’s what you need. Here’s what he found (in a nutshell): “In order to test whether certain popular BUIS would still be serviceable after taking a hard hit, I attached three different types of BUIS – Troy Industries, Magpul Industries and Diamondhead USA – to an AR-15 rifle chambered in .300 AAC Blackout weighing 7 pounds and dropped the rifle upside down from a height of 5 feet onto a concrete surface. Read more of Doc's articles. One Will…, The COVID-19 Masks That Anti-Gunners Will Refuse To Use, Just In Time For Mother’s Day: The Gun Accessory That More…, Everytown Wins Court Case To Make Kids Sitting Ducks, What You Really Need For Self Protection (It’s Not What You…, Why You Want To Buy This Survival Radio BEFORE September 30,…, The Ultimate Guide To Night Vision for The Prepared Gun Owner, Diamondback Releases 5.7x28mm Large Format Pistol, A Mini 1911 For Concealed Carry? Starting off, I have this paired with the MBUS Pro front sight. In addition to temperature sensitivity, the MBUS gained strength through size. What’s Different About Tactical Shooting & Why Should You Do It? I have a set to the original Mbus sight on a AR15 .300blk pistol and love them. These are compatible with 1913 Picatinny rail mounting setups, with the front mounted on the Gas Block. This, unfortunately, gives them the best budget AR15 sights title, even though it is not the case on a number of factors. I especially liked the simple form of the rear sight compared to the polymer one with the reference wings flanking the peep hole. Work great with the EO Tech. Magpul MBUS Pro Iron Sights Review: Hands-On Fast forward a few decades and an innovative and driven company introduced the concept of plastic to iron sights. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Check out the team below and read more about us here. In 2009 Magpul released its first generation of MBUS polymer back up sights aptly named MBUS for Magpul Back Up Sight since iron was essentially absent from the design. He's also the author of numerous online courses including the course. Thanks for the articlel. This is where backup iron sights (BUIS) become worth their weight in gold. The front sight comes in at just 1.2 ounces and the rear sight weighs just 1.3 ounces. Pros: Low profile folds flat, … When it comes to toughness, not many brands can beat Magpul. If you are just starting out in the AR-15 world, then you might not have much money. All metal Pro version is two times more expensive. Magpul MBUS Pro - Magpul Back-Up AR-15 Sight Set - Front & Rear w/ Free MSP Silicone Gun Cloth $175.00 Choosing the Best Magpul MBUS Sights Unless you practice on a shooting range, you know that correct aiming might make the difference between life and death. I like Magpul but prefer Troy hard sites. Why Aren’t Bloomberg’s Moms Freaking Out About Gun Offenders Being Released…, Writer Says Recent ATF Decision Is First Step To Nationwide Gun…, Three Things Everyone Carrying Concealed Should Have On Them. They make a durable product. Prepping is about being ready for anything that comes your way; whether that’s a natural disaster or manmade. You’re basically looking at getting both the front and rear sights for under $100. For the money, you can’t go wrong. As I mentioned these made it fine through the previously mentioned instructor level rifle training class, but that’s the total extent to which I’ve gotten to “beat” on these BUIS, so I couldn’t speak to their long-term durability  …. Apparently this was an issue where Magpul wanted to err on the side of harder to move rather than easier to adjust. If you have more than one AR-15 rifle, then you will need to put backup iron sights on all of them … and that can start to add up real fast. Really in depth review article. Magpul, whose customer service is stellar, was quick to replace the sight with a perfectly balanced one. I do like some of their other stock though. The MBUS (Magpul® Back-Up Sight) is a low-cost, color injection molded, folding back-up sight. Next came the Troy sight. But unlike its predecessor, the deployment of the rear MBUS Pro sight is not spring loaded. We are proud to offer a wide variety of parts from Magpul. I just purchased a set of the Mbus pros for a 18″ build I just put together.

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