July 9, 2016

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Top 3 Benefits of an International Relations Degree

Many students I have the opportunity to support ask, "How has your International Relations degree helped you?" "How have you ...
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Why Relationships Matter Most, How to Navigate First Days in Corporate America & Embrace Failure with Donna Scarola

Maura’s favorite quote from this episode:  “1 year of wasted time is better than 30” -Donna Scarola  To learn more ...
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5 Ways to Love & Turn a Part-time Job into Career Success

Make a part time job more than a soul sucking black hole. Every experience has value. Here is how to make ...
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personal brand books

Books to Build Your Brand

Learning to market yourself requires learning to identify your strengths, your target audience and the proper way to communicate. These books help ...
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7 linkedin profile tips for students

7 LinkedIn Profile Tips, for Students

I looked through thousands of profiles and here is what I learned. A great LinkedIn profile is authentic and clear ...
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Must read books for success

Must Reads for Success

These are must reads books regardless of the industry you are in! Imagine: How Creativity Works, Jonah Leher, My favorite book ...
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How to create a personal brand

New Grads: Be the pineapple. Not the grass.

Being perfect is boring, just like the blades of grass, they are expected and the same as the next. Being ...
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